Getting Tp-Link MR3020 to work with Etisalat USB modem e173 in Egypt

tp-link mr3020 etisalat 3g EgyptThe TP-Link is a very handy and small portable wireless N router/Access point that can be used to add wireless to your existing network or act as a router when a USB 3G/4G stick is attached to it. Alas making it work with Etisalat current USB stick which is the e173 from Huwawie is not a simple.

First of all you need to update the software of the router. You can find the latest firmware here and unzip it. Please note that to update the firmware you need to connect to the router via Ethernet and not wireless. Then via the browser go into the admin interface of the TP-Link by typing ( unless you changed that before ) and use admin/admin as username and pass. Navigate the menus and find the update menu and update the software with the file you downloaded. Wait for the update. Please note that this update erases all your settings including the wireless passwords etc and that it will automatically make the TP-Link use secure wireless with a default password. So I recomend that while you are connect to the ethernet you set the wireless password to something that you will remember.

Now you need to download the E173 driver from here and unzip it. Now after you have done this, go to the 3G section under network then go to 3G/4G in the TP-Link interface and press the modem settings button. Now press add new and upload the bin file you just downloaded and unzipped. Now this is not all. Now go into the 3G/4G section again and select, Egypt and Etisalat in the appropriate sections, select PAP for authentication type, then save. In this same page again Click advanced settings and enable the option “Set the Dial Number, APN, Username and Password manually”. Enter *99# as the dial number and etisalat as the apn. Save and reboot the TP-Link by unplugging the power and returning it after a few seconds.

After something like a minute or so the USB stick in the TP-Link should light up a solid blue light on its end. Try to connect and should be connected to the Internet.

This little gadget is really useful it can be used as an access point, or a 3G router and it is really small and can be powered using any USB power.

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