IdeaPad Yoga 13 Now in Egypt: Buy a good ultrabook and use it as a terrible tablet for free.

Jumia now lists the  Lenovo Idea Pad Yoga for 7000LE for the core I5 128Gig ssd model. And at 1.5Kg it is not too bad as an altrabook. Yes I expect a decent 13 inch ultrabook to weigh only 1.3Kg max not 1.5KG but think of it you get a bad tablet in the same device.

Why bad? Well at 1.5KG it can be a decent ultrabook where it is just 200G more than the normal for that category, but Given that an ipad is less than 700gm, this thing is a total failure as a tablet. Imagine holding it for like half an hour, your hands will hurt.

Nevertheless having a touch screen in an ultrabook is cool and being able to use it as a tablet for like 10 minutes max is not bad. Also it is the only ultrabook/notebook that I know of that than rotate the screen nearly 360 degrees and that is nice to parade around your office or university.

Overall given the specs and price it is a good deal.

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