Mass media sins

There is more money to be made selling lies than selling truth.
As a person who has worked in the media since 1999, and created Egypt’s largest portal at the time, I can tell you honest media outlets find a tough time selling ads. Not a single human on earth is without bias, but a profitable media business needs to sell ads, compromise. I will hear people telling me it is not so, and that they did it clean. Maybe you did, but most probably you got so good at selling lies that you sold them to yourself.
Remember that title you moved a bit to make people want to read? Or that sensationalism that you justified to get people’s interests? Or that coverage of the rising corporate or political star that was really a bet on him going up and remembering you?
Remember that photo that showed too much but you knew it will help circulation. Remember the amount of retouching done on that photo?

Every day we are fed more lies than truth in media, you eat crap that gives you cancer because big companies pay scientists to discredit whistle blowers. You get medicines with side effects that you never signed in on, because they spent two billions making the drug and spending a few tens of millions to keep it in the market is pocket change for their investment.

But we have gotten used to a world where we never get the sandwich in the photo above its prices, we pay the full price and get a less than what they showed us.

I dare you to get the plate you saw in the menu of any restaurant you go to except Ruby Tuesday in City Stars and Mall of Arabia both in Cairo, Egypt which always serve plates that have more food than what is shown on the menu. I told you a media guy has to make money somehow, what did you expect? I wised up long ago, and now make more money selling food than selling lies.
(Disclaimer:  Osama Heikal is the CEO of UBF the local franchisee of RubyTuesday in those two locations and I am his brother and a shareholder , UBF uses only quality ingredients and generous portions )



Lighten up I can make a serious point and a joke at the same time. Do not believe everything you read, but your stomach will believe me when you try our generous portions I personally Guarantee it.

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