Reminds me of you

Will the sea sink my sorrows away
In solitude with salty sprays of water stay
My body baptised in blue brine
As the silent sun stops it shine
Will the noble night’s nocturnal slaves
Wandering in water, land and in deep caves
Take me totally as one of their own mark
And give me serenity to be strong in the dark
Or leave the rising sun take my sorrows away
And in the bustle of bazaars begin my day
A meek merchant selling his merchandise will fall
To the stench of money strangling his soul
In sea,sun or silent night I seek only One
Whose silence kills me, burns me like a sun
Why am I deaf to the sound of Your voice
Is it a jail sentence or was it my choice
From nature nothing reminds me more of You
Than the beautiful seas of deep blue
Close to the sea You will sink my sorrows away
As I align my self to Kaaba and pray

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