The alien thus said to me 2

To us your species is strange, for on all other habitable planets the planets are habitable!

I said, “But our planet is habitable.”

Is it really so? Our scans indicated large amounts of chemicals in your water and air that are not compatible with your physiology or rather are extremely harmful to your health. Are these natural compounds, did your species thrive and grow with such chemicals in your planet.

“Well no, these are industrial by products of our technology.”

And did you release these into your habitat by error?

“Well not really. We did not realize that they where that dangerous until after they where released.”

And what did you do to make sure that such mistakes do not occur again.

I said, “Well nothing, we stop using technology that is bad for us.”

But you only know that after it has become a big problem for you not before.

“Yes, because it would be too expensive to test every new chemical before using it and that would reduce our profits.”

But what use are profits if your species is too sick to be able to spend such profits.

“Not all of us get sick.”

Hmm it seems to our scanners that all of you are sick from these chemicals, it is only you do not realize it. You species is has not yet passed the bacteria test.

“What is the bacteria test?”

In all worlds the lower life called bacteria will reproduce and consume, this results in the release of byproducts of lifeĀ  into their own habitat, these byproducts of life are like the byproducts that your species produces nearly daily, urine and feces but specific to bacteria. If this habitat is small, like the container you call a dish, then there will be a time where the concentration of their own byproducts becomes so hight that it kills them. It is exactly like living in a closed room and then drowning in your own urine. See bacteria do not think and so they take only the path they have, to eat and reproduce and produce byproducts. Your species is doing the same, you are releasing dangerous chemicals in the same place you live and not realizing that you need to change your way to ensure the survival of your species.

“But we hope that as our technology advances we will be able to clean this mess”

The way your species is going it seems that the more your technology advances the more mess you create. I think I will return to my space ship now.

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