Baths of Blood and Points of View

The greater holy Eid of all Muslims is the final day in the pilgrimage of Haj. In that day, both pilgrims and all Muslims who are heads of a family that are financially able must offer a sacrifice of sheep to God and divide it between themselves, their family and the poor. Millions of sheep are killed in that day, thank God you were not born a sheep.
The real strange thing about this is how 3 different religions relate to this particular offering. According to the Holy Quran Ibraham was asked by God to sacrifice his first born son Ishmael, and since Ibraham had total faith in God ( think of it this needs a lot of faith ) he accepted but in the last moment God sent a Sheep from the sky that Ibraham could sacrifice instead.
The Jews in the Old Testamant say it was not Ishmael, but Isaac ( Is’haak in Arabic ) who was to be sacrificed ( whom in the old testament is reffered to as Abraham’s only son, even though Ishmael was born and was alive and was technically Abrahams first born). The Jews like the Muslims have such a sacrifice but can only do it in the temple, that temple that they believe is under the Aqsa Mosque. And until they build it their rituals for sacrifice can not be completed, kind of like what the muslims would suffer if mount Arafat was lost.
The Christians on the other hand believe that God sent the Lamb for Abraham to sacrifice instead of Abraham’s son Isaac was symbolic and prophetic of him sending his son Jesus Christ to sacrifice himself for the sins of Humanity.
God’s mercy be upon us, since this exact disagreement, and the will of the Jews to tear down Islamic monuments will bring upon us one of the bloodiest wars ever.
Gods mercy and love be upon us, for we need it.

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