Can the real PC ( Personal Computer ) please stand up.

When PCs where first introduced they where expensive and rather bulky and most of all hard to use. With time prices went down, software became easier and the PCs shrank. Now the definition of what a PC is has changed so radically that we need to rethink what is the PC. A PC does computing tasks on a personal level, it can be shared with more than one person but that should be the exception not the rule after all it is a Personal Computer not a server. The picture here is of on of the First IBM PCs that started the PC revolution.

Now things are different if we look at computing devices that we use we will find a huge variety as you can see in the list below that is sorted according to size.

Smart Phone

Phablet ( A smart phone that is larger than a smartphone and smaller or equal to size to a tablet like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 )


Tablet Transformer ( A tablet that can dock into a keyboard or that has a keyboard case that makes it more like a notebook )

Ultrabook ( a very light weight notebook )


Desktop PC ( The traditional PC that started it all is still alive ).


So as you see these are all personal computing devices in different sizes and forms that all compete for your computing time. So can the real PC please stand up? Many people with light computing needs have stopped using the notebook or PC and carry only a tablet. Some like me can never give up their notebooks but use a phablet extensively. Now the PC is not one device but many. If you ask me the most personal of all of these is the smart phone, something like the Samsung Galaxy s3 or the Iphone 5 is much more personal than any PC, it is yours and yours alone. You do not feel right when you allow some one to use it. It has your personal photos and reminders. It is more of a PC than the PC because you nearly always have it and shut it off only when you go to sleep. The Phone or in my case the Phablet is a constant friend that is there with me nearly everywhere. People are becoming so attached to their phones that the newest high-end phone ( and tablet ) from Sony the Sony Xperia Z phone and the Sony Xperia Z tablet are both water proof, and thus it seems that a phone that you can take into the shower is in demand.

To me it is clear that the PC has changed, that many people have more than one PC and that while a notebook is more C ( computing ) thank P, the phone and phablet are the most P in all PCs.


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