Iphone 5 – My Mini Review

Do not get me wrong, I would not be caught dead owning an Iphone, but I do setup things like these for my family and here is my impression of the Iphone 5 hardware. First of all IOS is not my cup of coffee, it over simplifies things to the point of making it more difficult to do useful things with your phone. If you want to be productive and spend some time learning then a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is more suitable for you. That being said the Iphone 5 is the best Iphone ever and here is why.

Apple finally got it, a bigger screen means a more useful smart phone! The new 4 inch screen in narrower and taller making it more suitable for Internet browsing than the earlier 3.5 inch screens of Apple, but it still falls short of the many Android high end phones on size. The colors are amazing, nearly as good as samsung OLED, the blacks are deep and the colors are very well defined. The resolution is so high that going any higher would be useless. So overall I would say the screen is amazing for an iphone.

The body is very sexy, it is really the most attractive Iphone yet and most probably the most attractive phone ever. But that comes at a price, many online reports suggest that it is also the most fragile iphone when it comes to stretchability, so you will need a cover for it, but tell me does that not destroy the very purpose of having a good looking phone? And the real knocker is that it is lighter too by a wide margin than the iphone 4S!

Speed! Yes that is all I have to say. The phone although a dual core, keeps up with my Quad Core Samsung and in some areas even beats it. Well that is because the CPU is a new generation where apple is a few months ahead of the competition. Competing CPUs have just begun to come out from others and will be in phones in a couple of months, for now the Iphone 5 is head to head with the fastest phones with a better battery life because it gets that speed from only two cores rather than 4 power hungry cores.

The in-ear headphones are new ones from apple, they easily beat any headphone included in the box of most phones. They are one step better than their predecessors. The Midrange and high frequencies are very clear, the bass is ok. But if you are a music lover you will still want to purchase a more expensive set of headphones if you can find good ones here in Egypt. If you compare them to the ones included with the Samsungs they will beat them hands down but they are not a replacement of a Klipcsh ( you can not get these in Egypt ) or high end Sennheiser ( or even bose and beats which you are paying more for the marketing than the quality ) headphone.

But what I love the most and also hate the most is the new power/computer mini-doc connector. The connector is really small and well build and the really nice trick is that it does not matter which orientation you plug it, unlike USB plugs on most if not all Android phones where there is a top side and a bottom side. The thing I hate is that it is not USB or not standard. I just got used to having one cable charge my phone and my bluetooth and connect cameras to the computer etc. See although the innovation is good, being outside the standard is bad.


Overall if you are an Iphone lover, this phone is the best Iphone yet, it is faster, lighter, larger, more attractive and generally the best phone for people that can not invest time or effort in learning a the more powerful Android operating system.

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