My reflections: Rabaa Mosque 21/6 2013

Reflections from the middle of the Rabaa Solidarity stand.
1-Organized. Peaceful. rabaa21-6-2013
2-Far more than I thought would be there given the absence of the Nour party and others that support the president but chose not to come.
3-The density was greater than any of the protests that I went to in Tahrir, in some places even in the open air that we where in it became difficult to breath because of the density of people, yes it was strange, in Autostrad the humidity was a lot higher than just a few meters away into Tayaran St.
4-There was some humor and funny slogans but much less than in Tahrir, these people are more serious.
5-Less young people than I got used to see in Tahrir, is that because there still is some exams? If so then the numbers would be greater after Thanawiya?
6 -( They speak of God and the Prophet a lot )يذكرون الله و يصلون علي النبي كثيرا
سبحان الله
ما تراه انت نقطه ضعف انا رأيت انه قوه
الخرفان مقوله تسخر من الوحده و الوحده قوه و القوه مخيفه للخصوم السياسيين و الغير سياسيين

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