Paypal Egypt:Getting your account verified fast

Paypal has started in Egypt and many of you will want a paypal account fast. While you can use your paypal account right away with your credit card, many online merchants require that your account be verified. For that paypal has a method to make sure you actually own the credit card you use in paypal. When you go into paypal there is a link called Verify account, you may need to go to view limits to get it. What paypal does is it charges your card 1.5 Euro ( this shows we are linked to the Europe offices of paypal not USA I guess ). The charge will be come from paypal and will have a 4 digit number with the paypal name. Now you need to get your credit card statement to get this 4 digit code. But there is usually a faster way. Call up your card issuing bank, and tell them you want to check an online transaction you just did. Go through the usual bank steps of verifying who you are to them and tell them to read you the four numbers next to the name of the company that charged you 1.5 Euros. Most banks in Egypt will do this, but most of them will only have that data for an hour or so after you made the transaction, so call them just a few minutes after you press the verify link.

Now after you get the 4 digit code go to paypal and enter that code and you are verified and the normal 350 Euro limit is lifted.paypal_logo

admin says:

It is nearly impossible to use a debit card online and on paypal. Your best bet is one of two thigs, either put Wadi3a and get a credit card using it but then you will have to put a few thousand pounds for that or get an internet credit card, internet credit cards are available in Arab Bank and in Bank Misr, both of these I think only allow you to spend from the money you charge them. You said you are a freelancer, doing what?

admin says:

There is no other way now.