The theory of everything.

One thing that unites all that we see at the scale of Galaxies, Suns, Atoms, and Quarks is Love or Lust and it makes up at least 75% of all the material forces in the universe, and that force through its various manifestations I think is a link between the current General theory of relativity and the Quantum theory, in the same way that the eyes of the Mona Lisa follow you where ever you are even though they do not.

This wildly inaccurate touchy feely theory although not at all in a scientific but is rather a wildly optimistic anthropomorphic pseudo-philosophical point of view; a new way of looking at everything and taking a deep breath to enjoy the beauty of life. And maybe in small way will incentivize you to be a better person whatever your scientific or religious convictions may be. And make you feel more connected to the Universe as a whole. And no, I am not pedaling any creationist point of view or to justify a single faith or even to sell used cars. This is written and given freely in love to all and thus this text is fully under the public domain, I will not make money out of it, it is given to you totally free, you are free even to change it and call it your own. You are free to print it and take each page and make a paper plane out of it and throw them from any tall building, that is to me also a form of free distribution.

Lets start with forces. The four basic forces of nature are deeply rooted in lust, the seemingly infinite lust of all mater for touching and bonding with more matter and energy. Not even electrons want to be single!

 Gravity says that the attraction force or lust between two particles of matter is inversely proportional to the distance between them and their masses. An object will warp the very fabric of reality we commonly call space so that  objects will be drawn to it and visa versa. This is what Einstein calls the theory of relativity and I call jokingly call and “the theory of everything ie love”. See even space is complicit in this secret plot to spread the Lust/love between matter called gravity.

 That lust not only includes matter but also energy that is massless such as light. The reach of lustful gravity of any matter with mass is infinitely reaching even for the smallest particles of matter, a single proton will exert a lustful pull on the largest sun in the furthest reaches of the universe, but that will be so small that many will neglect it except Reality. The lustful pull of that sun on that particle although much more will also reach the ends of the universe if the universe has such thing we call and end.

So you can tell your significant other that you will love them even to the end of the universe and you will not be lying scientifically if you take my theory to be true.

 The lustful Gravity of matter when left to carry its “will” will trap large amounts of matter in seeming unison to create the mind bogglingly huge hell worlds like our sun, where the lustful force of gravity is so tyrannical that it keeps protons without electrons unable to form such a small family as an atom of hydrogen.

 But even such tyrannical forces carry within them love as a by product, for they force these protons so close together that they form the innards of more complex atoms like helium and all the rest of the naturally stable parts of the periodic table as a by product of such tyranny. When and if the conditions are right such hell worlds will explode violently spreading these more complex atom cores across the universe that would have never occurred on their own in the vast indifferent void that to me neither loves nor hates but provides a canvas for matter and energy to lust, love and hate. Thus the lust of gravity makes the myriad of elements each of them bound by what nerds or scientists call the “Strong Nuclear Force”.

Why did the Strong Nuclear Force not form these elements on its own if it is “strong”?

While the strong nuclear force is unimaginably larger than gravity ( it has 38 zeros! ) it is short sighted or less optimistic in its reach than gravity. Thus its huge libido only works in very short distances. And thus can only bind single protons together in the huge hell worlds bound by the lustful tyranny of gravity in stars.

The lust of the matter called the strong force is the basis that holds every atom together uniting the electrons protons and neutrons in different configurations. Without it you would have no atoms in your body.

 This force is so much more lustful than gravity but is much less optimistic than the force of gravity and thus attracts only things very close to it and thus allows atoms to exist at the smallest scale whereas the force of gravity allows matter to clump together but not bind at the scale of stars and planets and everything bigger or in between.

Looking at it differently, gravity is much less selective in its lust than the Strong Nuclear Force, but without it, the strong nuclear force would not have the opportunity to play enough in the vastness of space, for there is much, much, much more space than matter can occupy. Thus one lust enables another. Also matter using the Strong Nuclear Force exerts selectivity on what numbers of protons neutrons and electrons can form stable atoms. Not all atoms are stable across large epochs of time. Some atoms will divorce after only a small fraction of a second. Unlike the tyranny of gravity, the lust of the strong nuclear force does not conquer all possible combinations.

Remember that all these lusts or forces are of and from matter which itself is energy or  rather can be converted to energy, by the Einstein’s famous formula


But that is not love so being human and wanting to only concentrate on the points we want to make we skip that. If anybody can tell me how we can get lust or love in that formula that would be great.

The weak force and the magnetic force are more flexible, like magnetism which can both repulse or attract, the weak force is transformative to change for example a positively charged neutron ( castrate its charge lol ) into a proton and visa versa. As you know we can use magnets to make chess pieces to love sticking to the chess board or levitate trains over the lustful tyranny of gravity.  Both these forces show us hate for the first time in physics, but even these forces also are lustful in the sense that they work both ways, attract or repulse, and transform to and back for the weak nuclear force.

And these four forces allow when the conditions are right, for atoms to form. A lustful love relation between protons and electrons, stabilized maybe by the neutral neutrons to form a more complex form of matter we call atoms.

 Here the lust is more selective and the beginnings of love come about when these forces allow compatible atoms to form atom families we call molecules that although are less stable than the component atoms by very definition and structure and are thus more complex.

 While gravity’s lust knows no differentiation, the love of atoms with each other to form molecules and thus what we know as chemistry is much more selective so that only certain forms of atoms will form these families in certain shapes and numbers that depend on the pure lust of the basic four forces.

In the exceedingly  rare places in the universe like earth where such forces and energy are at “balance”, like our Earth, where mass loves mass enough to form a planet but not enough to squeeze matter together to form new elements like suns; where the atoms of hydrogen and the more complex elements formed in the hearts of lustful stars combine, a the new loving force of Chemistry is thus free to happen.

Chemistry is not really possible in the hell worlds of stars, and to a lesser degree in the cold reaches of space where lone atoms exist at temperatures close to absolute zero make many chemical reactions rarer or slower. On moderate worlds chemistry occurs abundantly enough to make a difference in the smaller features of the Earth at the small scales of atoms. Elements like Oxygen and Hydrogen can combine to form the magical substance we call water.

And in water, a lot of chemistry happens. And through time, in that medium, atoms came together in large complex shapes in a new form of love between them, holding each other in a helix like chain we call RNA and DNA. Such did not occur right away but needed the right conditions. If we compare the weight of all matter in our solar system to the weight of DNA and RNA based life forms the fraction will be so small that it might fill pages of zeroes behind the decimal point.

Life is rare in our solar system. And in life we start to find love. For the first cell to sacrifice itself, to divide itself into two when it has enough of itself to sacrifice,  and is reborn as two copies of itself. Its love, very very selfish in a way that it only creates what seem to be exact copies of itself.

But even such selfishness is limited. For the very laws of nature inject randomness in each replication allowing the new to be slightly different from the old. And in time this lead to cells that when they divide they also stick together. And in time such forms of love became more complex but their love to copy themselves and the laws of nature made sure that new copies are different and can thus express love in new ways and out of the one, its mate was created and we started to have male and female life forms.

And before we had orgasms or porn, male and female where naked and loved one another only at set times called mating periods. But as life became more complex a new form of love happened, the family where more complex life forms meant that the young of the species are weak and more venerable as it seems to be a law of love called nature made it a requirement for the parents to take care of the babies and that way families where born. Out of such a a families in time formed more complex groups like herds, flocks, swarms and eventually tribes.

And if we look at love only we do not see the complete picture. Yes all life is consumption, animals consume plants to live,  but in time a terrible thing happened, animals learned to consume each other too. To sink their teeth so deep into another animal as to kill it and consume it. Their lust for life, for energy, for proteins for more complexity went against love of other animals. But even in these animals that will kill others to eat, their love was still intact and the practice of eating others from your own species is the exception in the animal kingdom not the rule.

Animals found that it is better to co-operate within their species to survive. Even cooperate between different species in some instances of co-dependence.

The tribe of apes, lovingly taking care of each other, apes gave way the earliest humanoids. And with time these human tribes through love and barbaric wars united tribes to form societies.

The earliest humanoids lived in such a world that is as harsh and unforgiving as it was beautiful. Caught between predators that are stronger than themselves hominids hunted and gathered and formed families and tribes that loved each other but still harmed one another to achieve dominance over one another, and even in such violence a new form of complexity rose. The invention of transmissible expandable language. Although nearly all animals communicate, their vocabulary was always limited, our ancestors on the other hand where able to teach their children out of new words and meanings. And in turn the children would honour their ancestors for such gifts. And with time we started to worship in our ancestors that taught us words as a form of love. Love kept tribes together. Love makes us go to war to protect our tribes, villages, states and ideologies.

And like the human bodies’ immune system out of love for itself attack any foreign object or structure, our tribes, villages, communities, states and ideologies carried the primitive urge to go to war on the large scale and the small scale on individuals, tribes and societies that are different, or ideas and ideals that are different.

In time a new natural selection happened, that of ideologies and of different structures of humans.

Let me first apologise before hand to Christians, I will use Christianity as an example below but all faiths ( spiritual theories ) and ideologies and socio-economic structures share the same funny habit of not doing what they preach. It is not a comment on the truth of any one such theory or faith but a comment on every one of us including me and you.

 The theory that a lot of people called Christianity that speaks of a single Creator God composed of three parts one of which was nailed to a cross by humans for telling them that you have to be good to your neighbour and to others as you are to your self and that  you have to sell everything you own and give it to the poor.

 That loving structure of humans called Christianity spread by its prophets who themselves where fed to the lions for saying the same, could not help themselves not to burn and torture others when they had the means to do so to conform to their theory. This is not singling out Christians, for nearly every structure of humans and ideologies have at one time or another done the same thing, began humble and meek and started to go to war with those that are different from them just like your immunity tries to attach viruses and bacteria that are different from your body.

This is a very human thing to do. It is like the Strong Force in a way, your love as a human is easier to give to those that are close to you and are like you. And when you want to expand the area for the families of the people you love it usually is at the expense of others that are not similar to you.

Love keeps societies together, and societies still kill others marginally not like them in the same way to get more resources for the ones they love. See here I see love even in war as much as many see bloodlust and greed.

This human tendency to get rid of the different is well documented in history. And yes you can look at all the wars and blood spilt and say my theory is crap, and you would be right. But it is wrong to discount that in general, when humans have enough resources they can be more willing to share a bit. And that as a general rule but not a law of nature that humans have evolved to be a little less bloody and tasteful. And that even as they expanded by the words they sowed conformity and built civilizations that lead to the saints of science like Copernicus who sacrificed himself because he was not willing to change truth even if it cost him his life. I chose to single out Christianity not because they are the only but because it is such a dark joke that the truth that Copernicus told, cost him his life at the hands of the people that who call themselves by the name of a person ( or in their view God ) who was nailed to the cross for saying another inconvenient truth. It just a poetic license, but we can find similar jokes in all religions and nations, people that where killed for having differing opinions.

Is that love. Yes, they loved their own. Every mother and father that lived loved their children, but taught their children to be afraid of the strangers, and it is easier to kill a stranger than to love them in this harsh world sometimes. But when the time is right, people will be more loving and that a person like Ghandi was able to liberate his country from the clutch of the British empire peacefully, a feat that would not have been possible in my opinion in previous centuries.

I also singled out Christianity to be able to justify to appropriate some of their heritage for my own use. To be able to bestow on Copernicus the title True Saint of Truth. And Ghandi a true saint of peace. And me a pure saint of nothing just because I can.

The love of the forces of nature, made elements from the vastness of undifferentiated matter in time. And matter has been lovingly clinging to each other for billions of years to form us.

And now we are faced with and existential threat that could annihilate us and all life of earth if we do not sacrifice a bit for the truth, like Copernicus sacrificed himself for the truth.

The truth is that we are one human race, and we are all descended from apes who descended through nature from the very heart of exploding stars that formed the different elements. Lust to Love. Ignorance to knowledge. And though the current state of human history is very depressing on many levels, we can take some time to look at how we came about and where we need to go.

It is not a well known fact that scientific genealogical testing of people of different ethnicities proved that we share only one father and mother who might not have met each other according to the latest genetic research of our time, go search for Chromosomal Adam and Mitochondrial Eve. Unless the human race sees itself as a brotherhood or something similar we are bound to destroy each other. As we get more powerful through the Truth that is Science, our nationalism or ideologist, or faiths being in constant strife makes the current state of relative peace what is called an unstable equilibrium. Any atomic capable nation can potentially end all life on earth.

I mean if a man coughing in China can cause the death of people all over the globe through a virus called covid-19 in our day and age, it means that a virus can beat us.

But as every lust we saw above results in love, the lust of viruses to invade humans should be a wake up call to all.

The human race is one. And what unites us is more that what divides us. Let the people that believe in God and those that do not unite.

I want to ask you a question at this time. If you had the power, the total and absolute power like God, would you in love bring back all humans to life and put them in a heaven where they can not harm one another? I would. And it is my however childish theory that even if God does not exist, if mastery of time, space and matter can be used to bring back the dead, those societies that will possess such knowledge HAVE to be built on the kind of compassion that will let them correct all the sins of the past, and as the primitive societies that honoured their ancestors that society will honor its ancestors who’s ignorance and knowledge led to it, by reversing time and space to bring them back to life if they can. I know that this is crazy but even those that do not believe in God at the start can believe that as our technology is like magic to our ancestors, their magical science might make them seem like gods to us. And that the god at the end would be a benevolent one.

Whether you believe in Christ, The Truth ( a name for Allah in Islam ),the one Brahman of the Hinuds or the more secular teachings of Buddha, would you not if given the chance at no real cost to you give all humans before you a chance to live in the heaven they helped indirectly to create.

But all dreams aside, to be able to reach the stars as our hearts desire to fill the universe with copies of ourselves and not just the earth. As the stars are ours by birth right since we are from them created, we dream of conquering all space, I dare to even dream that we could one day conquer time ( which I do not believe possible but dream never the less the way Icarus dreamed to reach higher ) and be able to cheat even death for a long time or forever. We need to cooperate.

We need to peacefully rearrange our societies around science for a virus like Covid-19 has proven to us that our political systems are incapable of protecting humanity in a timely manner against the threats it faces as a whole. A virus knows not your faith, nationality or race. A meteor did not know the dinosaurs.

Futurists like Kurtzwiel have envisioned that humans will go into a singularity or a period of accelerating science where each single year will seem like magic to the one before. But our other more base instincts that I have ignored in the above will play, and unless we open our minds and hearts to each other and begin to right the wrongs of our current systems we might not reach it.

For humans to form a to advance any further in science the power of an individual will be so great as to be able to wipe humanity as a whole. Technologies like crisper have made editing genes cheap. Soon it could cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for a single human to edit viruses and be able to kill a large percentage of humanity. In such a time, privacy will die totally and completely for any kind of safety to be achievable. A Global Observation Device ( the acronym is a jest ) might be made to  monitor each and every human each and every second of their life. With such need to make sure that all forms of terrorism can not be used the potential for abuse of such power will be immense and the resistance to it will be great by people that can not see the dangers of power in the hands of humans. And so a way has to be forged where such is addressed, maybe better hearts and minds can solve both these equations at the same time. But this is my solution.

Unless the individual trusts the structure of society under such technological advancement terrorism will rise. I believe that privacy loss has to be for all, governments, leaders as well as all the rest and open to all to see. Each human has to be able to trust that humanity as a whole is not plotting against him/her. Openness will have to be complete if our power as a race is to be advanced as a whole through empowerment of The Truth we call science.

If you have another vision for this please tell me. I am all ears.

Not only that but each human has to be fully cared for. It is within our technological ability today if we want to be able to feed every one and medically care for every one for free. But it is not possible given our current economic and social technologies we call governments. None of  our current systems can take us any further. All current systems are dangerous to the continual survival of our species. My idea may be stupid, but look at the stupidity of Giants like China and USA in handling Covid 19!

The systems that have the blood of millions on its hands or the oppression of a billion people like USA and China can not lead us in the coming years.

We need reform. Peaceful reform for we can not afford another World War to change things like before.

The time of wars has to come to and end soon or we risk self annihilation.  A society that has a depressing response to Covid-19 as we saw that allowed nations to bid on the vaccines that we are waiting for to save us from the spread of the virus will be available first to the rich nations. And yes they may be more entitled to it on the short view of the past few hundred years where most of the new science came from them. But let them not forget that we all came from the emissions of stars.

That every love story you know started in the anvil of gravity in the heart of stars, for every atom in our bodies ( except for Hydrogen but who is counting among friends ) came from the explosion of stars and the forces of lust and love that drove us atoms together then and us humans now.

And so you can lovingly tell your significant other or any human or animal that your love for them started in heart of stars.

The rich selling everything they have to help the poor is not a choice it is a necessity since as we gain more power as a race one disturbed individual ( terrorist ) could topple the world with one  virus. We need to make sure that no individuals are such disturbed.

If those that believe in a benevolent God do so, let them practice what they preach. If those that defy science and use its tools like mobiles and the Internet and even selective science to deny things that are really slow extinction level events like global warming are allowed to keep on doing so, we will perish each and every one of us.

Lets not wait like we did with viruses to solve the real problems of humanity. And let those that do not believe in God at least believe that we can one day be like gods. Or that we can create a heaven on earth where every human has a home, food and medical care and education and broadband as a birth right. For the atoms in your bodies are not your own. The science that you use is not your own, it was built on the blood of Copernicus not your blood ( unless you are Copernicus re-incarnated ).

Everything we are, everything we will be, is not ours. We are riding on the waves of love that flow through the very fabric of the universe, and even if my description or theory is not scientifically true it is poetically true.

We have to wise up and act like brothers.

We have to create a society that values the right of quack ideas as long as they do not hurt others, for every crazy person like me or crazy idea like mine has the potential to be the seed of something so much more.

And remember that in no version of reality did the ruler of an empire imagine that a half naked human with no wealth to speak of like Gandhi was able to topple the rule of an empire using a love technology that to her seemed like magic called peaceful resistance. We need more of these magical technologies today.

Let me give you some of my favorite quotes from the traditional religions lest you think that I am against them for I love the good in them all.

I deal with truth first of all, as the Satyagraha Ashram owes its very existence to the pursuit and the attempted practice of truth.
The word satya (Truth) is derived from Sat which means ‘being’. Nothing is or exists in reality except Truth. That is why Sat or Truth is perhaps the most important name of God, In fact it is more correct to say that Truth is God than to say God is truth. 

Mahatma Ghandhi

Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.”


Nor can goodness and Evil be equal. Repel (Evil) with what is better: Then will he between whom and thee was hatred become as it were thy friend and intimate!

The Holy Quran

“Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again.”

“True love is born from understanding.”


If you overesteem great men,
people become powerless.
If you overvalue possessions,
people begin to steal.

Tao Te Ching

“Non-injury to all living beings is the only religion.”

The first truth of Jainism

“This is my country, that is your country; these are the conceptions of narrow souls – to the liberal minded the whole world is a family.”
― Virchand Raghavji Gandhi

You are free to copy, alter and even take credit for this work. I give it freely and put it at the feet of God, either the one that created us or the society that will be like gods that we as humans can create, may either of them have mercy on my weak and slowly decaying body.

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