Android phones with keyboard

The first Android phone the G1 had a physical keyboard, I had one, and it was amazing. Keyboards are easier to write on than touch screens and faster too. But the main strong point of a physical keyboard is that the screen is visible fully for virtual touch keyboards usually eat half the screen making things harder to see if you are doing anything serious like typing a blog post like this.

Android phones with keyboards

Motorola DROID 4 ( Dual Core )

LG Mach ( not GSM compatible dual core )

Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II ( dual core )

Lower end android phones with keyboard

Motorola Defy Pro ( single core, low res screen )


As you can see the state of keyboard android phones is very sad, there are no high end phones with keyboards not a single quadcore phone to the best of my knowledge has a keyboard. Android phones with keyboards are becoming a rarity, especially with the trend of making phones slimmer.

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