Do not lead, do not follow, carry no brands but your own.

Do not lead.

Are you sure you are right? Are you so sure that you are willing to risk not only your stake in things but also other people’s stakes? Well this is what leading entails. In my view very few people should lead and most of the leaders should not simply because they want to lead. In myself I see the seed of that, a need to lead, to show off to have power. But in that same mind I know that I am not worthy, I am not a guru, not a saint not a man of both spiritual and scientific integrity. Only those that have both can lead and most of us do not. Like in the old times the worrier king was a worthy leader now the philosopher-scientist-lover of truth and God is the only one that is worthy of leadership, may such people lead us and may we have the vision and strength to follow.

Do not Follow.

Yes do not follow for if you do not find a person worth following then do not follow. Do not follow the trends for most trends are nothing more than the unthinking cattle like movement of lesser minded people.
Do not follow ads, for the people that make them have their own interest not yours at mind.
Do not follow religious leaders that demand the respect of people and hide behind uniforms that gives them authorities that they might not be able to carry.
Do not follow you peers, for many people were lead to hell that way.
Do not follow the beauty of a woman for the thorns of the rose are more concrete than the scent of it and live even after then rose has withered.
Do not follow any word that you see to be illogical.
And do not feel happy that you do not follow for even in independence lies great risks of following your moods and fantasies. Are you good enough to follow yourself?

Carry no brands but your own.

Why are you happy that you wear a Nike shoe? Really did you design it? Did you create it, was it your hands that carefully crafted it. Was Barbie your mother or sister. Will Disney make your children better off? Will anything you buy and cover you add to who you really are. Come on! WAKE UP.
Your worth is measured by what you DO. Not what you buy, not what you wear, if you need a brand to reassure you and comfort you into feeling that you fit then you are pathetic. Stop reading now and commit intellectual and spiritual suicide.
You are what you do and what your intellect and soul can accomplish carry that as your brand.

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